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Jan. 10, 2019
Happy New Year from Darkforce Entertainment
Darkforce has a new link for our store darkforcesuperstore.com and we are proud to announce
we are now carrying many of the rare and hard to find Code Red titles in our amazing super store.
April 4, 2018
The Dark Force online store now accepts all major credit cards , along with PayPal.
Dont Forget our LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING!!! We ship same or next the orders are received USPS First Class and Priority Mail.
April 4, 2018
The Dark Force online store is proud to announce that we will be carrying the new release from CODE RED on blu-ray The Carrier. We also plan to carry more CODE RED new releases in the future.
April 3, 2018
Dark Force online store now offers Free shipping within the United States. All orders are shipped out the same or next day that they are received . International Shipping rates have also been reduced.
March 15, 2018
Promotional Update.
Dark Force Ent. presents the brand new smoking hot Damon Packard " Packard of Cigarettes" magnet.
Keep your eyes on our facebook page to see how you can obtain this very limited edition smoking hot magnet.
This will be a perfect addition to our extremely popular "cult director" magnet series . so Stay tuned and get fired up.
March 15, 2018
House that Vanished update
The 3rd retro drive in double feature House that vanished / EErie Midnight Horror Show was the 1st title that was released directly thought Dark Force Ent. In less than 1 weeks time it has become the top selling title on the Dark Force online store. In fact it has sold more than double the amount of the previous top selling Dark Force titles. In light of it being a limited 1000 Edition , this title will very likely sell out completely in the very near future.

March 15, 2018
House on the Edge of the Park Announcement
As with Offerings pre orders from the stores through Kino have way exceeded intial pressing of the 2nd installment of our retro drive in series , House on the Eedge of the Park/
Last House on Massacre st. By order of Kino, Dark Force Entertainment will immediately
engage a 2nd pressing of this title to fullfill all store orders. Once again dark force under the desire to continually improve the releases we will be upgrading the box art and adding a number to the spine to the release.

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March 9, 20018
Dark Force is proud to announce this summer , we will be releasing a special edition blu ray of the cult classic
Freeway 2.
March 8, 2018
Be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram for free promotional swag and up to the second information regarding everything DARK FORCE.

March 8, 2018
The House That Vanished release update -
The 3rd retro drive-in double feature , House That Vanished / Eerie Midnight Horror Show will be available
At Dark Force, Diabolik, and Screen Archives. Street date is March 20, 2018 , but check the Dark Force website for early arrival. Get your copy right away because this limited edition of 1000 will sell out fast!

March 5, 2018
Dark Force sales update:
The following update of the 1st 3 Dark Force releases distributed to stores through KINO .
Chaos/dont look in the basement blu ray, remaining inventory of initial pressing approximately 400 units
House on the Edge of the park /drive in double feature Blu Ray remaining inventory of initial pressing approximately 150 units.
Offerings blu ray - Remaining inventory of initial pressing (original box) approximately 200, remaining units of 2nd pressing (revised box art) approximately 200 units.
Inventory on these titles are running low so pick up your copies now.

Feb. 26, 2018
The 3rd installement of our retro drive in series The House that Vanished / The Eerie Midnight Horror Show
will be released directly through us. Will be available at the dark force online store , and several other online stores to be announced .Street date is set for March 20, 2018
Feb. 26, 2018
Major Offerings announcement!
Pre orders from the stores through KINO have exceeded initial pressing of Offerings, by nearly double.
By order of Kino, Dark Force Entertainment must immediately re press Offerings to fulfill orders. However
the next pressing will have changes on the original box art. There will be a numbered spine, and alternate back cover art. Making the original pressing an instant collectors item. Limited copies of the the original pressing are still available in the dark force online store.